Ashfaq Amin

UX Designer, Researcher

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Designing responsive
Web Applications

How I designed responsive SaaS products from ideation to interactive mockups. The key challenge was to design about 70+ pages for all screens, and collaborate with teams overseas within a tight schedule.

Service Design
for the masses

How I used UX Research to design services and multi-channel experiences for a Telecom operator's 50 million customer base.

Quantitative, Qualitative
HCI Research

A couple of my academic research projects in which I was the primary investigator, and followed different HCI research methods.

Design Challenge, Mobile Apps, and Experimental Projects

A few of my favorite small projects. More projects are on my Behance portfolio.


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I am a UX designer and researcher, based in Vancouver, Canada. I got a multidisciplinary background in design, research, and development. Recently, I have finished my MSc in HCI at SIAT, SFU, and started a contract UX role with a Vancouver-based company. I am currently looking for a full-time position.

Art is the love of my life, and my favorite pastime. I trained myself in traditional painting and sketching media. Check out some of my artworks.

I also love photography, outdoor games, cooking, and will take every opportunity to travel a new city.